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Geoazur, as a player in French National Observation Services (SNO)

Geoazur is significantly involved in seismological, geodetic, and gravitational instability (Solid Earth) observation at the local level (South-Eastern France).

Moreover, Geoazur plays a major part in observation related to spatial and time metrology (Astronomy Astrophysics).

Those observing activities are built into the French National Observation Services (SNO) which framework is implemented by the French National Institute for Universe Sciences (INSU)

Geoazur, as a partner in European and international observation networks

Geoazur observation activity contributes to several European and international observation networks:

  • Through involvement in the Research Infrastructure RESIF (French seismologic and geodetic network), which is the national component of the European Infrastructure EPOS (European Plate Observing System);
  • As the hosting service provider for the EPOS portal regarding all European GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) data;
  • Through participation in EMSO (European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water-column Observatory) by implementing and operating the seismological submarine cable station – ASEAF, on the ANTARES site located off the Toulon city in South-Eastern France;
  • Through involvement in COPERNICUS Programme (Earth Observation using satellite and in situ data).

Geoazur, as the prime contractor for instrumentation platforms

  • Laser telemetry station MeO, located on the Calern tableland, South-East France
  • GPS network located in the Southern Alps and Provence (~10 RENAG stations)
  • Multi-instrumented gravitational instability sites as ‘La Clapière’, South-East France (OMIV Geoazur)
  • Permanent seismologic network for the PACA-CORSICA region/province (~35 stations)
  • Mobile OBS (Ocean Bottom Seismometer) fleet
  • Seismic streamers and Sparker