The Geoazur Laboratory

Is a multidisciplinary joint research unit comprising geophysicists, geologists, and astronomers working on crucial scientific issues such as: telluric hazards – seismic, gravitational and tsunamigenic events – and related risks; lithosphere dynamics and Earth imaging; geodesy and metrology of the Earth and the nearby universe…

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Lithosphere Deformation


Identifying, measuring, modeling and better understanding the factors and processes that contribute to the genesis of earthquakes and characterize their properties Coping with the risks induced by large earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides impacting our societies and environment Developing imaging and modeling techniques for the scanning of the Earth’s interior from the upper layers to greatest depths Studying lithospheric and crustal deformations at different time scales and better understanding their relationships with deeper processes Developing instrumentation for measuring and modeling planetary and Earth deformations and interactions, and to test theories of fundamental physics