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- a list of training organizations specialized in scientific and technical information
- a selection of
tutorials to use tools and resources

Index of tools and resources  : ADUMBibCNRS ; Click & Read COREDOI (how to get it) ;   EBSCO Host ; EBSCO Open dissertationsECCOEEBO ; EndNote ; EspacenetEssential science indicators (ESI) ;  GeorefHAL ; HORIZON 2020 ISTEXJSTOR  ; Mendeley ; ORCID (how to get it)  ;  PLMLaTex ; Science direct ; SCOPUS Springer Link  ;   Tools (tutorials) ;  Training (organizations) UCA (portal) ; UCA (training)  ; URFIST MéditerranéeSTAR   ; SWHID ;   Sygefor     ; WillO ; WOS ; Zotero

Tools and resources (all tutorials in alphabetical order)



The BibCNRS portal provides access to the electronic resources funded by the CNRS (databases, books, journals). It is accessible to all OCA staff via the institute of attachment (INSU or INSIS)

All tutorials on BibCNRS portal :
- FAQ : What is BIBCNRS portal ? Who can benefit from BibCNRS?
- Obtain a Sesame login/password (video - duration : 3 minutes)

- Signing in on BibCnrs : the identity provider (video - duration : 4 minutes)
- Running searches on BibCnrs (video - duration : 9 minutes)
- How to enter the right settings on Google Scholar (video - duration : 3 minutes)
How to be recognized as a rights holder on a publisher’s site with a bookmark (video - duration : 4 minutes)

Abstract : to obtain the full text of an article without going through a search on the BibCnrs portal create a "bibCNRS" bookmark to identify you as a right-holder when you browse a publisher site. 
Enter this URLs :
- INSU (Geoazur ; Lagrange) : javascript:void(location.href=''+location.href)
- INSIS (Artemis) :
- How to be recognized as a rights holder for a publisher’s site via the BibCnrs extension for Mozilla Firefox or Chrome? – (video , duration : 4 minutes 30)
- What is the extension Click and read ? How to install it ?
- What is the Diamond models in BibCNRS (new 2023 : an economic model of scientific publication in Open Access


Click & Read (CNRS)

Click & Read is a browser extension that aims to facilitate access to scientific publications. Available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari, it provides direct access to the full text of the BibCnrs, ISTEX, PANIST and Unpaywall platforms (free software and databases that collect open access versions of normally paid articles).

 - Click & Read : What is it ? How to install it ? (a very important extension to access quickly to the online article)



Core : The world's largest collection of open access research papers

CORE - La plus grande collection au monde de documents de recherche en libre accès (Outils TICE)
CORE - Access to the database



DOI - Digital object identifier (how to get it)

A DOI is a digital object identifier system to facilitate the long-term digital management. It is used in particular in bibliographic databases to identify scientific articles.

DOI (source : INIST-CNRS - Doranum)



EBSCOhost is an electronic resource search and consultation platform developed by the subscription agency EBSCO.  It accessible via BibCNRS

- Introduction to EBSCO Host - Tutorial (EBSCO)
- EBSCO Host - Ressources Française [French resources]  (EBSCO, april 2020) :


 EBSCO Open dissertations (EBSCO - Bibliolabs)

EBSCO Open dissertations is an open archive of 8,000,000 theses and dissertations from 26 universities around the world

What is Open dissertations ?
EBSCO Open dissertations : accès à la base


ECCO (Eighteenth Century Collections Online) and EEBO (Early English books online)

ECCO and EEBO are 2 complementary databases allowing access to the full text of British works published between the 15th and 18th centuries. These resources acquired under a national license are accessible via the BibCNRS portal under the "databases" heading.

ECCO - Eighteenth Century Collections Online : Presentation (Source : BiblioGuides - Sorbonne Universités portal  - Aug. 2017)



EndNote is a bibliographic management software developed by the company Clarivate Analytics. It allows the creation of a personal library of references and the export of these in different formats. These tools is accessible via the BibCNRS portal under the "databases" heading.

EndNote - Documentation (Source : Bibliothèque Polytechnique de Montréal, update jan. 18, 2022)


Essential science Indicators (ESI)

Clarivate analytics's database showing emerging scientific trends, researchers, institutions, articles, journals and countries influencing a field of research. This database is accessible via the BibCNRS portal under "databases". It compiles data from the last 10 years. 

Essential science indicators - Learn the basics (Clarivate analytics)


Georef (Earth science database)

Georef is a bibliographic database of the American Geological Institute specialized in Earth Sciences. It is accessible via the BibCNRS portal under the "database" section.

Georef : Présentation ( French article - Source : BiblioGuides - Sorbonne Universités portal - april 2 2019)



The HAL-CNRS portal hosts all the scientific production of the CNRS. It is intended for the archiving, distribution and conservation of research work : articles, conference communications, reports, theses.

- Open archives - HAL (CCSD CNRS) : general information
- HAL Documentation - Homepage / CCSD  :  Deposit  (How to deposit one’s file and complete the metadata ) ; IDHal and CV ;  Managing one’s deposits (How to add a new version or an annex file to an online document, modify his deposit )  [consulté en ligne le 10 janv. 2023)
- HAL Documentation - Tutoriels vidéo /  INIST CNRS & CCSD



Horizon Europe is the European Union's 9th framework program for research and innovation covering the period 2021 to 2027

Horizon Europe  :  le manuel en ligne (Source :  MESRI Horizon Europe , 2021/04/12:  "Ce guide en ligne sera un outil utile aux porteurs de projets Horizon Europe, leur donnant des informations sur le processus du portail étape par étape, depuis le montage, la soumission, en passant par la mise en place du contrat et jusqu’à sa mise en oeuvre." [Translate : This online guide will be a useful tool for Horizon Europe project promoters, giving them information on the portal process step by step, from set-up, submission, through setting up the contract and up to its Implementation.] - See also the online manual in english on European commission portal 


 ISTEX – Initiative d’excellence de l’Information Scientifique et Technique

ISTEX is a multidisciplinary database of scientific literature made available to French higher education and research staff. The database contains more than : 27,4 million documents ; 9.456 journals ; 437.306 ebooks published over the period 1473-2021. Access can be done by recognizing the institution's IP addresses or via the BibCNRS portal.

ISTEX (plateform)

ISTEX (INIST CNRS) : presentation , news


JSTOR (database)

JSTOR (Source : Wikipedia)



Initiation à Mendeley [Initiation to Mendeley]  / Bibliothèque des Sciences de l’UQAM, 2012
Faire sa bibliographie avec Mendeley |Make your bibliography with Mendeley]  / Noël Thiboud, Urfist Strasbourg

Tutoriel Mendeley 1.8  / Natacha Leclerc, Université Paris Diderot, 2012 - 33 slides 


ORCID - Open researcher and contributor ID (how to get it)



PLMLatex :  online LaTeX editor (Complexion is available through your O.C.A. account.

PLMlatexallows to create, view, edit to multiple and share LaTeX documents from a web browser.
Powered ShareLaTeX  © 2014
PLMlatex User guide (in french)


Science direct (Elsevier) 

Utiliser Science direct : introduction [Using Science Direct: Introduction]  / Belveze, Damien, Colnot, Agnès . Formadoct. Rennes : Université Bretagne Loire , update january 23 2020


SCOPUS (Elsevier)

Scopus video tutorials / Asian Institute of Technology  , see also   Scopus user guide 

SCOPUS tutorial   / BU Lyon 1,   2017/04  - in french language
Scopus- Quick reference guide / Elsevier, 2014 -  pdf format
Scopus : guide d'utilisation [Scopus : user guide] / Elsevier , 2019 -  in french language , format pdf, 9 p.


Springer Link (Springer)

Utiliser Springer link  in UBL [Using Springer link in UBL ]  Laurence Douilly, Agnès Colnot, Damien Belvèze . Formadoct. Rennes : Univ. Bretagne Loire , 2013, Update jan. 2020


STAR (Signalement et dépôt national des thèses électroniques)

STARS tutorials  (ABES)


SWHID (un système d’identification pérenne des codes sources des logiciels)

Zoom sur SWHID  - SoftWare Heritage Identifier / Doranum, INIST-CNRS  - French article

SoftWare Heritage persistent IDentifiers (SWHIDs) / Software heritage developers


Université Côte d'Azur (UCA) - Library portal (how to use)

UCA Libraries   -   click on the section "utiliser nos services = use our services "  or "rechercher et trouver = search and find"


WillO (Lilliad, Univ. de Lille)

Découvrez WillO - Droits et obligations des chercheurs à diffuser en libre accès [Discover WillO - Rights and Obligations of Researchers to Disseminate [his publications] on Open Access]  (Source : Lilliad - Learning center innovation, Univ. de Lille) 


WoS - Web of Science (Clarivate analytics)

-Web of Science core collection : introduction (Source : Clarivate analytics) - see also the tutorials on YouTube
- Web of Science : Trucs et astuces : Présentation [Web of Science : Tips and Tricks : Presentation]  (Source : BiblioGuides -  Sorbonne Universités portal - mar. 2017)
- How to find an H-index in web of science  (video) /
Bibliothèque Polytechnique de Montréal - YouTube, 2014

- Comment obtenir les données globales de citation de mes articles (h-index...)? [How to get global data on citation of my articles (h-index...) ?] (french video)  / Bibliothèque Polytechnique de Montréal - YouTube, 2015


Zotero (bibliographic citation management tools)

- Zotéro : gérer sa bibliographie et ses pdf : Introduction [Zotero : managing his bibliography and his pdf : Introduction]  
/  Noreddine Zeghoud, nov. 20, 2019
- Zotéro : bibliographie en ligne et bibliographie nomade [Zotero : online bibliography and nomadic bibliography] 
/  Noreddine Zeghoud,
nov. 10, 2017
- Zotéro++ : créer un style bibliographique personnalisé [Zotero ++ : create a custom bibliographic style]   / Noreddine Zeghoud, update march 1 2019
- Zotero / URFIST Méditerranée , 0ct 10 2018 : Tutorials , 6 videos


Training organizations in Information science (Training offerings)

Institute for scientific and technical information (INIST)

Institute for scientific and technical informations (INIST CNRS)
- mission : coaching and training in Scientific and Technical Information
- users : CNRS members

Université Côte d'Azur. Service Commun de Documentation (SCD)

UCA - Bibliothèques [libraries] - Training
- mission : training in documentary research method and tools (by level : licence - master degree - doctorate)
- users : UCA members

- ADUM (Accès Doctorat Unique Mutualisé) : unique space for doctoral students dedicated to all registration and thesis defense procedures. It's also the new platform for managing UCA doctoral training from the first year of the thesis to the defense. To view the training offered, access to the platform via the BU website, tab "Training" and then "Doctorate"
- METODA : self-training site (OCA password is required) 

- Training program for PhD students

Unité Régionale de Formation à l'Information Scientifique et Technique Méditerranée

Unité Régionale de Formation à l’Information Scientifique et Technique Méditerranée (Urfist Méditerranée) : 
- mission : training to digital information practices. 
- users : UCA members 
- free online resources

 - SYGEFOR : (SYstème de GEstion des FORmations) : UCA's continuing education registration plateform