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Data management support for researchers (portals and services)


Couperin (consortium) : Science ouverte France - Données de la recherche [Open science France - Research data] :


Ecole des Ponts Paris TECH. Frédérique Borguignon - Espace chercheurs - Research data  - 1. introduction ;  2. Legal background  - 3. Technical questions


 INIST CNRS / URFIST / DIST CNRS - Doranum - Données de la recherche : apprentissage numérique  [Research data : Digital learning]  :  contains a search engine , synthetic cards, videos , quizz and thematic resources  :


INIST CNRS - OPIDoR portal - Optimization of the Sharing and Interoperability of Research   Access point to a set of tools and services facilitating the management and the valuation of data  :

  • DMP OPIDoR : online tool that allows researchers to write a data management plan (DMP) . DMP Templates
  • Cat OPIDoR : the services catalog dedicated to research data in France.
  • DataCite : the Inist-CNRS is the agency of attribution of the DOI in France.
  • News about the available tools
  • Guides and experience feedback.

Université Côte d'Azur. Bibliothèques - Data Management and Manipulation : since 2016, the UCA library offers a support service for the management of research data.
Target audience : all the teacher-researchers, researchers, doctoral students, technicians or engineers working in a UCA laboratory , whatever the nature of the projects (collective or individual).
Services offered :

  • help for identify and use data produced by the third parties,
  • help for manipulate and process data,
  • help for manage and highlight the data.

 See the UCA libray flyer 


 Data management Plan (DMP)

CIRAD - COOPIST (2018)  : Se familiariser avec les plans de gestion de données de la recherche [Becoming familiar with research data management plans] / M.C. Deboin  
Content :

See also pdf format  : Deboin, M.C. : Se familiariser avec les plans de gestion de données de la recherche, en 6 points [ Becoming familiar with research data management plans in 6 points]. Montpellier (FRA) : CIRAD, 2018. - 6 p.

 Couperin (consortium) - Science ouverte France [open science France]  :
- Projets ANR et science ouverte : suivez le guide ! [ANR projects and open science  : follow the guide !]
- SOS PGD [Services Opérationnels de Soutien à la rédaction des Plans de Gestion des Données ] : directory that lists the services supporting the writing of data management plans within higher education and research institutions (Update 2021)

INIST-CNRS : DMP OPIDoR  -  DMP Templates   :  DMP in french (FR) and/or english (ENG) language  proposed by the funders or by research organizations. 2 formats available : Word or PDF. You can download these templates and the associated recommendations, create a plan from these templates

Contains especially :
- ANR DMP  (Agence nationale de la recherche, the French National Research Agency)  :   Word format  (FR or ENG)  -   PDF format  (FR or ENG)
- ERC DMP (European research Council) :  Word (ENG) -  PDF  (ENG)
- IN2P3 DMP : Word  ( ENG) - PDF  ( ENG)
- INRAE General project template  (DMP adapted to research projects)  :  Word (FR or ENG)  -  PDF  (FR or ENG)
- INRAE Trame structure (data produced by any type of structure independently of a research project) :  Word (FR )  - PDF (FR )
- Horizon 2020 FAIR DMP (European Commission)   :   Word  (FR or  ENG )  -  PDF   (FR or ENG)
- DMP Unistra (Université de Strasbourg) :   Word  (ENG)  - PDF  (ENG)
- FAIR DMP Paris Descartes / Diderot  (Université Paris 7, Denis Diderot) :  Word  (FR ) - PDF   (FR )

INIST-CNRS / URFIST / DIST CNRS : DORANUM  -  The data management plan  :  synthetic presentation ;  DMP  model ; writing tool (french article)

LIBER  research data management working group : Data Management Plan Catalogue  : Un catalogue de DMP évalués dans différentes disciplines (Liber, Ligue européenne des bibliothèques de recherche)


Archiving of research Data (Platform and Directories)

Data warehouse

French operator for Higher education and Research

CINES - How to archive at CINES : since 2004, CINES is the operator for archiving data and digital documents produced by the research and higher education institutions in France. It offers medium and long term digital archiving solutions, , solutions which are shared and customizable.
Data concerned :
- Scientific data ;
- Public current and non-current records
- Libraries and resource centers documentation

Data warehouse in Eath science and Astronomy (selection)

ArXiv : preprints in astrophysics, computer science, mathematics, physics, non linear sciences
DataSuds (IRD, 2019-...)  : data warehouse created and managed by the IRD. It allows you to save, organize and share the datasets of an organization, a research collective, a researcher or a data manager. 
University Post-Viva Dissertation Deposit .  Multidisciplinary
EarthArXiv : preprints in Earth science
ESSOAR : Earth and Space science open Archive 
TEL - Thèses En Ligne (CCSD-CNRS) : 
  Doctoral theses deposit . Multidisciplinary


Directory  of data repositories 

CoreTrustSeal directory of certified data repositories  - search by country  with an interactive map  (ex. France = CINES)
OAD [Open Access Directory]  - data repositories : list of repositories and databases for open data   : Astronomy Geology ; Geosciences and geospatial data
OpenDOARa global directory of Open Access repositories and their policies
Re3data.ORG - register of research data repositories :  Search engine  -  Detailed information on more than 2,000 research data repositories


Training in the management and dissemination of research data

 GRICAD et CALMIP (2019)  : Formation DMP 

URFIST Rennes (2020) - Gérer et diffuser ses données de recherche : introduction aux enjeux, méthodes, pratiques  [Managing and disseminating your research data : introduction to issues, methods, practices] / Marie-Laure Malingre & Florence Thiault - 2 formats (PDF et PPT)
Contains :

  • Introduction : Repères sur l’émergence d’une problématique [introduction : Benchmarks on the emergence of a problem];
  • Qu’est-ce qu’on entend par données de recherche ? [What is research data ?]
  • Quelles questions juridiques posent les données de recherche ? [What are the legal questions about research data ?]
  • Qu’est-ce qu’un PGD (Plan de Gestion de Données) ? A quoi sert-il ? [What is a Data Management Plan (PGD)? What is it used for ?]
  • Stocker, sauvegarder, archiver ses données : quelles pratiques, quels enjeux, quelles solutions ? [Storing, saving and archiving your data : what are the practices, what  are the challenges, what are the solutions ?]
  • Diffuser, partager ses données : pourquoi, comment et où partager ? Que peut-on partager ? [Disseminating, sharing your data : why do you share ?, how do you share ?  and where do you share ? What can we share ?]
  • Ressources [Resources]

URFIST Toulouse (2020/03) - Gestion et diffusion des données de la recherche / Chloée Fabre - Support de formation au format pdf  :

  • Les données de la recherche (définition - pourquoi les gérer ? - quels enjeux ?) [The research data]
  • Gestion des données de la recherche (cycle de vie - plan de gestion de données : pourquoi ?  ; structuration ; outils - concrètement H2020) [Managing the research data]
  • Diffuser des données de la recherche (préalable - comment - la publication - le dépôt dans un entrepôt) [Disseminating the research data]
  • Ré-utiliser les données de la recherche (où trouver les jeux de données - Citer) [Reusing the research data]